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The IDC is commissioned to Dignify Man and rescue failed Commonwealth Nations in distress and unable to dignify the value of their Citizens through Job Creation and Economic Empowerment. We will Uphold the Rule of Law and Enforce Government and Crown Servants to obey the Statue Quo of the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948.

If Man is denied Honour and his Egoism is killed in mockery because Mother Land has denied him the Bill of Citizen Equality Rights then that Nation should expect Vengeance as Anarchy a New Face of Change will throw the Mud at Reparation and the Fools will refuse to be Fools. To avoid the uprise of Commonwealth Citizens and stop the Apocalypse of Judaism leading to the Third World War, Crusaders should Propagate and Promote the Values of Human Dignity, Equality and Social Integration.

To be a Crusader means to uphold the Visions and Aspirations of the Heroism of the Queen Elizabeth I and Patriot of the Law of Magna Carta.